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Mobile development made easy.


MoSync is a complete SDK including many components, tightly integrated. Compilers, runtimes, libraries, a device profile database and an emulator are some of the highlights. These components are carefully crafted and put together to form the most powerful cross-platform mobile development SDK ever.
MoSync is a tightly integrated collection of tools for mobile development across multiple platforms.

The unique transformation engine introduces a new approach to cross-platform development. It allows a single code base to be efficiently executed on an endless variety of existing and emerging platforms. We've developed our own GCC backend that produces MoSync Intermediate Language, which is fed to the transformation engine and converted to a number of platform-specific executable forms. The profile database guides the process, ensuring that the application is precicely adapted to each device. The various runtimes provide consistent behaviour regarding graphics, audio, communications, input and other device features.
MoSync uses a custom GCC backend that outputs MoSync Intermediate Language. This is fed into Pipe-tool, our transformation engine, which builds code trees, analyzes, optimizes and finally outputs either MoSync bytecode or a generated runtime core.

The device profile database contains information about hundreds of mobile devices - everything from screen sizes and memory amounts to obscure bugs and Undocumented quirks. It can be used to tailor your application to different devices or create fallbacks for unsupported features.

MoSync runtimes are libraries or programs that execute MoSync programs on a given target device. They also provide a uniform interface to low-level system APIs, including graphics, audio, event handling and communications


Fixed some bugs.

MoSyncTech Specs

2.3 Beta
File Size
Operating Systems
Windows XP, 2000, 98
System Requirements
No additional system requirements.

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